I Should Be So Lucky review (UK Tour 2024)

I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY. Lucie-Mae Sumner, Billy Roberts and Company.
I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY. Lucie-Mae Sumner, Billy Roberts and Company. Credit Marc Brenner

I Should Be So Lucky is a vibrant jukebox musical featuring hits from pop icons like Kylie Minogue and Rick Astley, with a plot revolving around love and redemption, brought to life by a talented cast and creative production, despite its cliched storyline.

I Should Be So Lucky, the official Stock Aitken Waterman musical, features the soundtrack of a generation with music from pop royalty including Kylie Minogue (I Should Be So Lucky), Rick Astley (Never Gonna Give You Up), Jason Donovan (Too Many Broken Hearts) and Bananarama (Love In The First Degree).

It follows jilted bride Ella as she flies off to Turkey on her would-be honeymoon, and her former fiancé Nathan’s attempts to win her back.

Spanning two-hours, the jukebox musical introduces us to Ella’s friends and family, a former school bully and a menagerie of hotel employees on a journey to find true love. Oh, and there’s also a manifestation of Kylie Minogue who acts as Ella’s conscience.

The chaotic plot is at times rather thin and chock-full of ‘it’s not what it looks like’ tropes. Fortunately, creator Debbie Isitt’s production jumps feet first into the campness and makes it work.

Bringing Isitt’s book and the Stock Aitken Waterman hits to life on stage are a delightfully talented ensemble cast. Lucie-Mae Sumner offers up an irresistible sweetness as Ella while Billy Roberts charms as Nathan.

Giovanni Spanò and Scott Paige are both scene stealers, offering no shortage of laughs with every line (and dance move) they deliver to the audience.

Another stand out who we have to mention is Kayla Carter, who offers up a rich, show-stopping vocal performance in act two.

Jason Gilkison’s choreography is excellent and Tom Rodgers’s costumes are packed full of sparkle. Rogers also handles the set where it seems everything is a heart. Unfortunately, certain scenes felt very empty on such a large stage, swallowing up the cast.

I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY. The Company. Credit Marc Brenner

With loved-up couples, iconic pop songs and a sun-soaked Mediterranean location, it’s easy to see similarities with Mamma Mia!, however with all the humour, a magic mirror featuring a famous face and a happily ever after, a summer panto feels a more apt comparison.

Ultimately it’s not a perfect show but it’s most certainly an enjoyable one and you’d have to be truly cold-hearted to leave the theatre without a smile on your face.


I Should Be So Lucky plays at Woking’s New Victoria Theatre to 23 March as part of its UK tour.

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Currently touring until 4 May 2024

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