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BalletBoyz - England on Fire

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BalletBoyz return to the stage this winter with England on Fire at Sadler’s Wells.

The show will run for four nights only from Wednesday 8 – Saturday 11 November 2023 with tickets on sale now here

Drawing inspiration from the revolutionary artbook England on Fire, authored by Stephen Ellcock and Mat Osman, this captivating project, also titled “England on Fire,” will unite over 40 visionary collaborators spanning various artistic domains.

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Choreographers, composers, dancers, and performers will converge in a harmonious collaboration to craft an enchanting tapestry of performance that defies categorization.

Guided by the creative vision of BalletBoyz, this exceptional presentation will assemble eminent figures from diverse artistic realms. The performance promises to enthrall with its arresting visual compositions, harmoniously intertwined with live musical arrangements that traverse genres from folk to punk and beyond.

Supported by an innovative 3D sound design, the audience will be enveloped in an immersive auditory landscape that harmonizes seamlessly with the dynamic movement on stage, elevating the theatrical encounter to new dimensions.

England on Fire will bring together some of dance’s leading choreographers for this one-off event including Edd Arnold, Lucy Bennett, Holly Blakey, Ola Ince, Shelley Maxwell, Russell Maliphant, Vidya Patel and Thick & Tight.

Acclaimed composers contributing to England On Fire include Gwilym Gold, Charlotte Harding, Keaton Henson, Cassie Kinoshi, Mukul and Joe Zeitlin. Performers Gag Salon and Kami Thompson will take to the stage alongside a company of exceptional dancers.

The BalletBoyz company for England on Fire will include dancers Edd Arnold, Harry Alexander, Tania Dimbelolo, Benji Knapper, Roseanna Lindsey, Luigi Nardone, Folu Odimayo, Sophie Ormiston, Oxana Panchenko, Artemis Stamouli, Meghan Stevens, Kai Tomioka, and Holly Vallis.

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