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Figaro: An Original Musical is poised to have its world premiere at the iconic London Palladium with two special concert performances.

Figaro: An Original Musical is brought to the stage by a stellar creative team that includes singer/songwriter, Ashley Jana, who has over 60 million streams of her music online, and award-winning director and writer Will Nunziata, whose production of White Rose: The Musical just finished an acclaimed run off-Broadway

Set against the backdrop of mid-1800s Italy, Figaro: An Original Musical tells the story of Sienna, a young woman whose mundane life on her father’s farm is transformed after meeting two orphans. This encounter propels her into the world of travelling performers, where she meets the enigmatic Figaro, who offers her fame and the fulfillment of her dreams—but at a price. The narrative weaves elements of love, mystery, and self-discovery, culminating in a dramatic twist that promises to leave audiences riveted.

Will Nunziata said: “I met Ashley during the height of the pandemic over social media after listening to some of her music. Ashley’s unique storytelling ability combined with her thrilling melodies and lyrics left me floored. After hundreds of Zooms over three years, it has resulted in a finished book and score we are both really proud of. I cannot wait for the world to hear and see this musical for the first time on the West End at the world-famous London Palladium with a stellar cast of superstars to be announced soon! I know it’s just the beginning for this show!”

Ashley Jana added: “The day Will Nunziata came into my life, my dream of writing a musical began to come true! Will is an incredibly gifted writer, and he is also the best collaborator/director that anyone could ever ask for. Never have I enjoyed the creative journey more and I am so excited for the world to hear and see our show in London on the West End!”

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