Maria McErlane and Graham Norton at London’s Fortune Theatre

Maria McErlane and Graham Norton at London's Fortune Theatre

London’s illustrious Fortune Theatre is set to host a one-night-only event featuring the captivating Maria McErlane with Graham Norton.

Renowned actor, writer, and broadcaster Maria McErlane will be joined by her close friend and famed broadcaster, Graham Norton, for a night of lively conversation and revelations about her life and numerous adventures. Taking place on 10 December 2023, you can book tickets now here.

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The evening promises to delve into Maria’s newly released memoir, Bumps in the Road, a narrative filled with warmth, wit, and the occasional tribulation. Graham Norton will lead the audience through the tapestry of Maria’s life, a journey marked not just by its high points but also its struggles, encompassing everything from childhood, friendships, and fame to love, loss, and reinvention. Central to Maria’s story is her enduring love for bicycles, a motif that has punctuated her life’s journey.

Maria’s life, devoid of any rule book, has been a testament to her passion for novelty and the open road. Each bicycle and its journey symbolize a chapter of her life, embodying the lessons she has learned. Attendees can expect an evening filled with honesty, humour, and the dynamic chemistry of two friends sharing life stories on stage.

Maria McErlane humorously anticipates the event, saying: “Come and see Graham and I having a chat. He says he plans to make me cry and to disclose a bombshell revelation on the night – he’s supposed to be my friend!”

Maria is celebrated for her roles in popular shows like The Fast Show, Killing Eve, EastEnders, Fat Friends, Have I Got News For You and Holby City. She is also known for her weekly contributions as an agony aunt on Graham Norton’s Virgin Radio Show.

Adding a philanthropic edge to the evening, profits from the show will be donated to Crisis, a charity dedicated to supporting those facing homelessness across the UK.

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