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Currently touring until 28 May 2024

The multi-award-winning Brendan O'Carroll and Mrs. Brown's Boys are back with their much-loved classic play 'Mrs. Brown Rides Again' for the first time in 10 years.

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Mrs Brown’s Boys is hitting the road for a new UK live stage tour in 2023 – here’s all you need to know.

The multi-award-winning Brendan O’Carroll and Mrs. Brown’s Boys are back with their much-loved classic play Mrs. Brown Rides Again for the first time in 10 years.

From 2023 Mrs Brown’s Boys tour tickets to all the upcoming dates and venues, this is your guide to the show on the road.

Mrs Brown’s Boys tour dates and tickets

Sorry, no more tour dates are currently scheduled for this show!
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Brendan O’Carroll both pens and takes on the role of the beloved Mammy in the timeless production of Mrs. Brown Rides Again. In this comedic gem, Agnes Brown and her idiosyncratic family embark on a mischievous escapade as they navigate through what may be Mammy’s final days at her abode.

The narrative kicks off when Agnes learns of her children’s scheme to relocate her to a care facility. Determined to refute their intentions, she resolves to exhibit newfound vitality.

However, this endeavour isn’t as straightforward as it appears. Amidst her efforts, Agnes must grapple with a psychiatrist who attempts to put her in her place, a neighbourhood awaiting a heart bypass, and to top it all off, a closely guarded family secret that seems to be common knowledge to everyone except her.

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