An Evening with The Fast Show tour

Currently touring until 14 April 2024

30 years since the The Fast Show first burst onto our television screens, the defining comedy sketch show of the Nineties is back, live on tour.

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An Evening with The Fast Show

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About the Fast Show tour

Charlie Higson and Paul Whitehouse are joining forces again with Simon Day, John Thomson, Arabella Weir, and Mark Williams for a series of theatre shows across the UK.

This live tour is set to delight fans of the renowned, rapid-paced TV sketch show, offering a unique glimpse behind the curtain of some of the most memorable characters and catchphrases. The experience is enlivened as these beloved figures are brought to life on stage.

The ensemble will share their journey, discussing the show’s inception, the creative process behind the television series, the development of the characters, and the enjoyment they experienced in their roles. The tour will feature a mix of popular sketches, monologues, and songs, complemented by on-screen visuals and a tribute to their late colleague, Caroline Aherne.

Attendees can anticipate the revival of several cherished characters, including Ted & Ralph, Jesse, Swiss Toni, and many others.

Debuting on BBC2 on 27 September 1994, The Fast Show quickly cemented its status as a beloved comedy classic, significantly influencing the landscape of British sketch comedy.

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