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At the 56 Leadenhall Street, London

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The War of The Worlds

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The Immersive Experience of Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds musical is back in London for 2023.

The multi award-winning show features live actors, virtual and augmented realities, 5D effects, plus the recorded voices of Moody Blues’ Justin Hayward, Inglorious’ Nathan James and Kaiser Chief’s Ricky Wilson set to Jeff’s multi-platinum selling double album. Get tickets here!

Visitors will meet a colourful cast of characters as they visit the Royal Observatory, sneak into a deserted house, and escape London on a boat down the Thames, whilst trying to survive the Martian invaders.

Get tickets from £38.50

At the 56 Leadenhall Street currently booking to 29 September 2024

Find The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience tickets ➤

Interactive holograms of Tom Brittney (Grantchester, Make Me Famous) and Anna-Marie Wayne (The War of the Worlds – Alive opposite Liam Neeson, and Audible’s audio book opposite Michael Sheen) feature as George Herbert, The Journalist and Carrie, The Journalist’s wife, and Carrie Hope Fletcher (Heathers, Les Miserables, and The War of The Worlds – Alive!), as Beth, Parson Nathaniel’s wife, join a live cast of 12 actors completing an unforgettable live experience.

The production is currently booking through to the end of February 2024.

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Originally opening in 2019, Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience is a collaboration between composer/producer Jeff Wayne and innovative digital entertainment company Layered Reality. The show has achieved widespread critical acclaim and including winning the prestigious TEA THEA Award.

Wayne said: “My musical version of The War of The Worlds has now occupied a good part of my life, and I’ve been fortunate to see it grow in so many unexpected ways. TWOTW Experience is one of those, a different world of entertainment, led by a group of diversely talented people to bring this unusual production to life, since its opening in May 2019.

“When the pandemic closed TWOTW Experience virtually over-night in March 2020, it was like so many others that instantly became threatened, with no real surety of when ‘normal’, or even close to ‘normal’, would return.

“But during this long period, those at Layered Reality worked tirelessly to meet every criteria the government required to make our show “COVID-secure. I am very grateful for their fortitude and determination, to now know that The Martians Are Coming…back! And with our collective teams, we’ll be returning with a new production that has pushed the levers of creatively even further.

“No one would have believed!”

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