Tom Ball 2023 tour tickets, dates and venues with The Overtones

Tom Ball 2023

Tom Ball has announced UK tour dates and a debut single.

The teacher who show to fame with his voice on Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent: All Stars, will head on the road alongside The Overtones.

His single, ‘I (Who Have Nothing)’ – a hit for Shirley Bassey in 1963, and Tom Jones in 1970 – will be released on 16 June ahead of his debut album Curtain Call in November on the UK independent label, Westway Music.

Looking ahead to the release of his new single, debut album and heading out on tour with The Overtones, Tom said: “It’s been an extraordinary journey from Britain’s Got Talent to signing a record deal with Westway Music.

“Performing on unforgettable global stages, meeting remarkable individuals and the upcoming honour of supporting The Overtones on their UK tour, the last year has been a dream come true.”

Tom Ball 2023 tour dates and venues with The Overtones

[tourshowinfo name=”The Overtones with Tom Ball Tour” desc=”Blending their perfect mix of originality and classic nostalgia, The Overtones feel-good, show-stopping performances have led to a decade of success. With special guest Tom Ball.” imgurl=”….jpg” searchbox=”true”]
[tourticket startdate=”07 November 2023″ enddate=”07 November 2023″ city=”Stockport” venue=”The Plaza” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”08 November 2023″ enddate=”08 November 2023″ city=”Cheltenham” venue=”Town Hall” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”10 November 2023″ enddate=”10 November 2023″ city=”Llandudno” venue=”Venue Cymru” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”12 November 2023″ enddate=”12 November 2023″ city=”Nottingham” venue=”Concert Hall” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”13 November 2023″ enddate=”13 November 2023″ city=”Buxton” venue=”Opera House” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”14 November 2023″ enddate=”14 November 2023″ city=”Guildford” venue=”G Live” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”15 November 2023″ enddate=”15 November 2023″ city=”Chatham” venue=”Central Theatre” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”17 November 2023″ enddate=”17 November 2023″ city=”Basingstoke” venue=”Anvil Arts” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”18 November 2023″ enddate=”18 November 2023″ city=”Cardiff” venue=”New Theatre” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”19 November 2023″ enddate=”19 November 2023″ city=”Truro” venue=”Hall For Cornwall” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”20 November 2023″ enddate=”20 November 2023″ city=”Leicester” venue=”De Montfort Hall” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”21 November 2023″ enddate=”21 November 2023″ city=”Bradford” venue=”St Georges Hall” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”22 November 2023″ enddate=”22 November 2023″ city=”Newcastle” venue=”O2 City Hall” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”25 November 2023″ enddate=”25 November 2023″ city=”Sheffield” venue=”City Hall” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”27 November 2023″ enddate=”27 November 2023″ city=”Southend” venue=”Cliffs Pavilion” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”28 November 2023″ enddate=”28 November 2023″ city=”Reading” venue=”Hexagon” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”29 November 2023″ enddate=”29 November 2023″ city=”Hull” venue=”City Hall” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”30 November 2023″ enddate=”30 November 2023″ city=”Stoke” venue=”Victoria Hall” url=”” price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”02 December 2023″ enddate=”02 December 2023″ city=”Weymouth” venue=”Pavilion Theatre” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”03 December 2023″ enddate=”03 December 2023″ city=”Poole” venue=”Concert Hall” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”05 December 2023″ enddate=”05 December 2023″ city=”Ipswich” venue=”Regent Theatre” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”06 December 2023″ enddate=”06 December 2023″ city=”London” venue=”Indigo O2″ url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”07 December 2023″ enddate=”07 December 2023″ city=”Eastbourne” venue=”Congress Theatre” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”08 December 2023″ enddate=”08 December 2023″ city=”Birmingham” venue=”Town Hall” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”11 December 2023″ enddate=”11 December 2023″ city=”Glasgow” venue=”Concert Hall” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”12 December 2023″ enddate=”12 December 2023″ city=”Perth” venue=”Concert Hall” url=”″ price=”13″]
[tourticket startdate=”13 December 2023″ enddate=”13 December 2023″ city=”Aberdeen” venue=”Music Hall” url=”″ price=”13″]

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