The Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick 2023 UK live tour dates and tickets

Beyond Supervet tour tickets and dates
Noel Fitzpatrick

The Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick will be heading out on a live UK tour in 2023.

One of the world’s most renowned, and certainly the nation’s most loved orthopedic-neuro veterinary surgeon, Noel Fitzpatrick – The Supervet from the hit Channel 4 show – will go far beyond the success of his TV show and explores how caring for animals really can help heal us all and how we are at the crossroads of an epic revolution in modern medicine.

Beyond Supervet with Noel Fitzpatrick will kick off on 29 October at Folkestone’s Leas Cliff Hall and will see Noel travel to venues across the UK on the 25-date tour before culminating at Guildford’s G Live on 2 December.

Noel Fitzpatrick tour dates and tickets

Book tickets Guildford G Live
2 December 2023

Bringing the narrative of his many books to life, Noel entertains and engages audiences to a powerful soundtrack of stories, anecdotes and a vision for the future, reinforcing his strong belief that medicine can be as uplifting as music and that both can actually save our lives.

From the wonderful adventures of Noel’s much-loved dog Keira, to his own personal journey and the hope animals offered as he struggled through some of his darkest moments, Noel’s energy, enthusiasm and incredible heart inspires us all to dream big and drive our dreams forward..

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