Brokeback Mountain London reviews - what did the critics make of the stage adaptation?

Brokeback Mountain London reviews roundup
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Reviews have dropped for the West End production of Brokeback Mountain in London – what did the critics make of it?


Based on Annie Proulx’s 1997 short story that was made into a hit film in 2005, the new play opened this week at @sohoplace in the West End.

Tony and BAFTA Award-nominee Mike Faist (Dear Evan Hansen, West Side Story) and Academy Award-nominee Lucas Hedges (Manchester By The Sea) star in the stage adaptation.

Written by Ashley Robinson with songs from Dan Gillespie Sells, Jonathan Butterell directs the premiere production.

Brokeback Mountain London reviews

inews- 4/5
“Faist and Hedges – plaudits too for British actor Emily Fairn, making her stage debut as Ennis’s frustrated wife Alma – are a splendid pairing, Jack lively and hot-headed and Ennis a man of very few words but a swirling chasm of feeling, which the brooding Hedges suggests so well.” – Read the full review

The Stage – 3/5
“The production has its own delicate, stirring power. And it is beautifully performed by Mike Faist and Lucas Hedges.” – Read the full review


TimeOut – 3/5
“Though impressively atmospheric, this stage version of Annie Proulx’s queer love story is totally overshadowed by the classic Ang Lee film” – Read the full review

WhatsOnstage – 3/5
“The moment where the two men stand, arms around each other, in the moonlight, as the music floods around them is a sign of what this play with songs could have been. It remains a story full of feeling, but never quite rising to the heights of poetry and meaning that you expect.” – Read the full review

CityAM- 3/5
“There are some commendable efforts to reinvent this story for the stage: Paul Hickey is compelling as Older Ennis, forever sitting on the side lines and nostalgically looking at his younger self. But overall this queer coupling feels starved of queer romance.” – Read the full review

The Independent – 2/5
“The good news: West Side Story star Mike Faist is fantastic in @sohoplace’s stage adaptation of Brokeback Mountain. The bad news: the production is as galumphingly unsubtle as a “Cotton Eyed Joe” remix on a dance machine” – Read the full review

Brokeback Mountain plays @sohoplace, London currently booking through to 12 August 2023.

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