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Age recommendation and guidance: 14+

Running time: Two hours

Directed by Rachel O’Riordan, (Iphigenia in Splott, A Doll’s House), Brian Friel’s acclaimed play Faith Healer is hailed as a “masterpiece” by The Guardian.

The play follows the enigmatic Frank Hardy, a travelling faith healer venturing through the isolated villages of Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. For one night in each location, he offers miracle cures to those plagued with illness and despair. Frank’s charismatic yet ambiguous nature leaves one questioning whether he is a genuine healer or merely a charismatic performer.

However, it’s not just his dubious abilities that stir drama. The play delves into the complex relationships between Frank, his wife Grace, and his manager Teddy. Through their individual narratives, a tapestry of conflicting memories and personal truths is unveiled, painting a picture of their intertwined lives.

Since its Broadway debut in 1979, Faith Healer has captivated audiences globally with its mesmerizing storytelling and profound exploration of faith, truth, and the human condition. The play’s enigmatic aura and powerful stage presence continue to enthral theatre-goers worldwide.

Age recommendation and guidance: 14+

Running time: Two hours

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