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John Cleese’s Fawlty Towers comes to the West End this year with a brand new new stage play.

Cleese, who co-wrote the original TV series with Connie Booth and starred as the inimitable Basil Fawlty, has written a two-hour play based on three of the original TV episodes – ‘The Hotel Inspector’ and ‘The Germans’ from series one and ‘Communication Problems’ from series two

Get tickets from £19

At the Apollo Theatre currently booking to 28 September 2024

Find Fawlty Towers tickets ➤

Following a tip off that hotel inspectors may be visiting and eager to impress, Basil attempts to ingratiate himself with guests that he suspects are there to critique the establishment. The situation is further plagued by a party of Germans, the deaf and dotty guest-from-hell, Mrs Richards, whose infuriating complaints prevent him from hiding a gambling win from his ever vigilant and bossy wife, Sybil.

Together they run their hotel with a little help from the unflappable Polly, and very little help at all from Manuel, the trainee waiter from Barcelona who is the butt of Fawlty’s frustration.

Meet the cast

Those appearing in the West End show are:

  • Adam Jackson-Smith plays Basil
  • Anna-Jane Casey plays Sybil
  • Hemi Yeroham plays Manuel
  • Victoria Fox plays Polly
  • Paul Nicholas plays The Major
  • Rachel Izen plays Mrs Richards
  • Steven Meo plays Mr Hutchinson/German guest
  • Kate Russell-Smith plays Miss Tibbs
  • Nicola Sanderson plays Miss Gatsby
  • Greg Haiste plays Mr Thurston/German guest
  • Danny Bayne plays Mr Walt / Dr Finn
  • Neil Stuart plays Taxi Driver/ Mr Firkins / Mr Kerr / Mr Sharp
  • Emma Fenney plays German guest
  • Mia Austen, John Hasler, Dale Superville play Hotel Guests
  • Ben Jacobson and Suzy Bloom are understudies

Directed by Caroline Jay Ranger (Only Fools and Horses The Musical & Monty Python Live), the show is co-written by John Cleese & Connie Both.

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