Les Miserables The Arena Spectacular Tour tour

Currently touring until 5 January 2025

Expanded from the hugely successful Les Miserables The Staged Concert which played in the West End, this new musical production will tour UK arenas throughout the year

Les Misérables

Les Misérables The Arena Spectacular tour dates and venues

A new mega-concert production of the classic musical, Les Misérables The Arena Spectacular will tour to venues in cities across the UK in 2024.

Expanded from the hugely successful Les Misérables The Staged Concert which played in the West End, the show will have an extraordinary new design specifically created for arenas and large theatres.

Meet the cast

This spectacular production will have a UK company of over 110 actors, musicians and crew featuring a core cast with a great number of celebrated Les Mis guest stars appearing as their schedules allow.

Alfie Boe and Killian Donnelly will alternate in the iconic role of Jean Valjean, while Michael Ball and Bradley Jaden will share the character of Javert.

Joining them are Bonnie Langford as Madame Thénardier, Gavin Lee as Thénardier, Jac Yarrow as Marius, Beatrice Penny-Touré as Cosette, Channah Hewitt as Fantine, James D. Gish as Enjolras and Jeremy Secomb as Bishop of Digne, leading a cast and orchestra of over 65. Further casting to be announced soon.

Performance schedule

Michael Ball and Alfie Boe will play the roles of Javert and Jean Valjean respectively at the following locations and dates:

Belfast: 19, 20 & 21 Sep at 7.30pm and 25, 26, 27 & 28 Sep at 7.30pm
Glasgow: 3 & 4 Oct at 7.30pm, 5 Oct at 2pm, 6 Oct at 6.30pm
Sheffield: 10 & 11 Oct at 7.30pm, 12 Oct at 2.30pm, 13 Oct at 6pm
Aberdeen: 17 & 18 Oct at 7.30pm, 19 Oct at 2pm
Manchester: 27 Dec at 7.30pm, 28 Dec at 2pm, 29 Dec at 1pm

Killian Donnelly and Bradley Jaden will play the roles of Jean Valjean and Javert respectively at the following locations and dates:

Belfast: 21 & 28 Sep at 2.30pm, 24 Sep at 7.30pm
Glasgow: 5 Oct at 7.30pm, 6 Oct at 1pm
Sheffield: 12 Oct at 7.30pm, 13 Oct at 1pm
Aberdeen: 19 Oct at 7.30pm, 20 Oct at 1pm
Manchester: 26 & 28 Dec at 7.30pm, 27 Dec at 2pm
Newcastle: 4 Jan at 7.30pm, 5 Jan at 12.30pm

Lez Miz producer Cameron Mackintosh said: “Since the very first concert performance of Les Misérables in Sydney in January 1989, this remarkable musical has proved to be as powerful and successful in its every manifestation. Whether in its original full theatrical form, a blockbuster musical movie, or any of its numerous spectacularly staged concert performances. Over the show’s nearly 40 years existence, it has also proved to be the launch pad for an extraordinary list of stars around the world, in many different languages and countries. This much anticipated world tour will be a unique opportunity for many of these celebrated performers to play their favourite roles for short periods in different parts of the world, so fans will get the chance to see their favourite stars (and mine!) in their favourite musical.”

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