Alice in Wonderland – Down the Rabbit Hole! to embark on its first UK tour

Alice in Wonderland – Down the Rabbit Hole! is to embark on its first UK tour.

Following a sell out run in August 2020, the family friendly show is set to bring the gift of theatre and play back into children’s lives after lockdown.

Alice in Wonderland – Down the Rabbit Hole! is a theatrical experience which captures the audience’s imaginations as they follow Alice (Kerry Boyne – Children’s TV Presenter) down the rabbit hole into a fantasy world of magic and wonder where nothing is quite what it seems. In a spectacular switch from the traditional stage set-up, the audience finds itself seated around the show’s centre stage and transported to an upside-down, inside-out, topsy turvy world!

Join Alice’s adventures in this feel-good comedy as she meets The Mad Hatter (Ashley Luke Lloyd – Dreamgirls), The Queen of Hearts (Brooke Havana Bailey- Billy Elliot), White Rabbit (Billie Hardy – Cilla) Tweedle (Emily Shuck – Burlesqued ) and The Caterpillar (Emily Barnett-Salter – Dirty Dancing). The show also stars the voice of Hollyoaks and Country Music Star, Twinnie Lee Moore. Based on the original Lewis Carroll story, Alice’s zany journey of discovery has a modern twist and sees her learning the value of kindness and acceptance of others.

Director Jessica Bastick-Vines (UK Theatre Award Nominee) said today: “Theatre, community and storytelling has been the heart of our culture for centuries. As traditions we have grown up on, making high quality theatre possible and accessible to all post lockdown has been our priority.

“Seeing our audience’s faces light up as they are transported to a world of silliness and imagination has been sheer, heart-warming joy.”

Writer and Producer of the show Ashley Luke Lloyd added: “To see the children’s faces light up and seeing them immersed in the theatrical world has been absolute magic. Our version of Alice all revolves around kindness and overcoming each other’s differences.”

The show adheres to social distancing rules and continues to adapt in-line with any new guidelines.

You can see Alice in Wonderland – Down the Rabbit Hole! in London, Sunderland and Blackpool with more venues to be announced. The UK tour starts at London’s Aeronaut from 23 May.

Tickets are on sale now online here.

About the author: Josh Darvill

Josh is Stageberry's editor with over five years of experience writing about theatre in the West End and across the UK. Prior to following his passion for musicals, he worked for more than a decade as a TV journalist.


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