Autobiographical pro-choice show All Aboard! At Termination Station comes to London

Fresh from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Lilly Burton brings All Aboard! At Termination Station to London this month.

The Fringe debut from performer, writer, and creative activist Lilly Burton will run at Pleasance Theatre on 25 – 26 October.

Lilly Burton said: “I wanted to make a show that challenges the notion that we are victims of our decisions to terminate, a show that is proud of being brash and blasé whilst being vulnerable and honest.

“Why can’t I laugh about my own abortion experiences, why does no one want to talk to me about them and how do we make it less scary and taboo for everyone else to talk about theirs?”

It’s personal, not political. An all-singing, all-dancing comedy cabaret … about abortion.

In a bracing, booming and brash autobiographical tale of pro-choice, award-winning performer writer and artist and activist Lilly Burton asks: have you ever just closed your eyes and hoped that it’ll all just go away?

A show for the people who felt lonely, guilty, relieved – or nothing at all. For the people who think about it often and the people who don’t. For the boy who never knew, for the girl who never said and for anyone who didn’t know how to ask.

A cry-to-arms that will have you slamming down your pints in support of reproductive rights.

Abortion Rights UK said: “One of Lilly’s many talents is her ability to intertwine the act of storytelling with social justice. Her unique voice is impactful, vulnerable, and heart-warming. It is a voice that brings humour and a humanizing honesty to an experience that is often incorrectly portrayed and villainized in the media.”

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