Award-winning Kinder, inspired by Czech Kindertransport, to tour this autumn

A tour of award-winning theatrical gem Kinder has been announced.

The remarkable production weaves the tale of a young girl’s courageous odyssey, intertwining with the touching narrative of the Czech Kindertransport – a heroic operation that rescued Czech-Jewish children from the perils of World War II by transporting them to safety in Britain.

Our young protagonist, Babi, embarks on an awe-inspiring adventure that spans across Europe, from the sweet indulgence of bon bons in Germany to the serene shores of Margate. Amidst her voyage, Babi unveils the profound impact of even the smallest acts of compassion, which possess the remarkable ability to shape the trajectory of a person’s existence. On her quest to mend the fragments of her identity shattered by the throes of history, Babi seeks solace in a future liberated from persecution’s clutches, as she defied the onset of World War II and was whisked far from her homeland.

Crafted in collaboration with the Little Angel Theatre, Kinder has been meticulously designed to offer teenagers an immersive, top-tier theatrical experience that unravels incredible real-life chronicles within a dynamic, engaging setting. The masterminds at Smoking Apples, renowned for their prowess in puppetry and visual theatre, have ingeniously brought Babi’s journey to life.

The tour begins at London’s Little Angel Theatre on 29 August and concludes in Norwich at The Garage on 11 November.

Co-Artistic Director of Smoking Apples and director of Kinder Molly Freeman said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be touring Kinder this autumn and that more people up and down the UK will get to see this really special show. At its heart, Kinder is a show about the universal theme of kindness.

“We made the show by, with and for young people, it is brimming with life and excitement, it is unusual and unexpected in all kinds of joyful ways. Kinder is not a show to sit down and be quiet in because the ideas it explores are not things to sit down and be quiet about.”

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