Dante or Die presents Odds On – a new interactive short film exploring world of online gambling

Dante or Die are to premiere their latest digital production Odds On this summer.

Diving into the alluring and compulsive world of online gambling, Odds On is an interactive short film written & directed by Daphna Attias & Terry O’Donovan.

The piece will run at the Lowry from 5 to 19 July before continuing on a digital tour to venues across the country throughout 2022.

Felicity has been a hard-working GP, wife and grandmother, delicately juggling life’s demands and stresses for decades. When she retires, she begins to escape into the seductive world of Pearls of Fortune, an online game where daily struggles are washed away under the sea.

From her first spin and some glorious wins, Felicity is pulled deeper into this enticing aquatic world, until she is hooked and her real life drifts further away.

Odds On takes us behind the screen and deftly explores the recent rise in online gambling, especially amongst older women. The film takes the viewer inside the protagonist’s perspective, into this increasingly popular and absorbing form of play, where lines can become blurred between player and game, risk and reward and ultimately, compulsion and control.

The film features a cast of actors shot on various locations using an iPhone13 Pro, fused with thrillingly imaginative animation from John Brannoch.

Those on the cast are Fiona Watson (Felicity), Maynard Eziashi (Joel), Elan James (Adrian), Bianca Stephens (Lana), Oshy Fuller (Noah) and Terry O’Donovan (Nurse).

As part of the production, Dante or Die have worked with a group of people with lived experience of gambling harm for almost a year as creative advisors on the project, and will host a series of compelling panel discussions as part of the film’s launch.

For more information, visit danteordie.com/odds-on

About the author: Josh Darvill

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