Hilmi Jaidin releases new musical theatre album Airborne

Airborne album cover

Hilmi Jaidin has released a musical theatre album titled Airborne, now available for streaming on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

The album is a vibrant homage to the classic era of musical theatre songwriting, featuring an ensemble cast of performers

Hilmi, known for his lyrical contributions to the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Olivier Award-winning My Neighbour Totoro and his ongoing collaboration with Gary Barlow on the forthcoming film Christmas Karma, ventures into a diverse songwriting landscape with Airborne.

The album encompasses a range of musical styles, from pop-punk and vaudeville to ’80s rock, barbershop, and jazz, showcasing Hilmi’s versatile songwriting prowess.

Those featured on the album are Amanda Maud (Zack Snyder’s Justice League), Olivier Award-nominated Andrew Langtree (Groundhog Day), Ashley Goh (Babies), Carmen Law (Cruel, Inhuman & Degrading), Erin Enfys (Brighton Dome In-House Artist), Jean-Paul Mark Shlom (The Life of an Orinoco), Joanna Clarke (HappenedHere), Max Alexander-Taylor (Cable Street), Richard P. Peralta (Sherlock Holmes and the Poisonwood) and Yñaqui Tuason-Inocian (Aladdin).

Hilmi Jaidin said: “So many people fall in love with musical theatre not because of the spectacle, but because of the songs, and this album is for them. Jukebox shows are great but we have to remember to keep original scores alive.”

About the author: Josh Darvill

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