Hofesh Shechter Company unveils 2024 Shechter II cohort for From England with Love

Dance company Hofesh Shechter has announced the selection of eight exceptional dancers for its prestigious Shechter II company.

These dancers, representing the pinnacle of emerging talent in contemporary dance, are set to perform in Hofesh Shechter’s latest creation, From England with Love. This highly anticipated show is slated for an extensive tour across the UK and internationally in 2024, with detailed dates and venues to be revealed soon.

The selection process was fiercely competitive, drawing over 1,200 aspirants aged 18 to 25 from 34 different countries. The final eight, selected for their extraordinary talent and potential, are a diverse group hailing from across the globe: Holly Brennan (UK), Yun-chi Mai (Taiwan), Eloy Cojal Mestre (Spain), Matthea Lára Pedersen (Iceland), Piers Sanders (UK), Rowan Van Sen (Netherlands), Gaetano Signorelli (Italy), and Toon Theunissen (Belgium).

From England with Love is an artistic exploration and celebration of England’s complex identity. Through Shechter’s visionary choreography, the dancers will delve into the heart of England’s paradoxical nature — a land of openness and introspection, yet also marked by a tumultuous history and strong traditional ties. The performance is an introspective journey, a quest for identity and understanding amidst a network of deeply entrenched values.

Described as both playful and poignant, the show is likened to a ‘Dear John’ letter — a parting ode to the old England, revealing the essence of this fascinating and multifaceted nation.

The performance will be set to an original score by Shechter himself, combining the elegance of English classical music with the intensity of rock, interwoven with choral echoes and electronic elements, creating a groundbreaking auditory experience.

For more information, visit hofesh.co.uk

About the author: Josh Darvill

Josh is Stageberry's editor with over five years of experience writing about theatre in the West End and across the UK. Prior to following his passion for musicals, he worked for more than a decade as a TV journalist.


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