Mamma Mia! I Have A Dream contestants: Meet the finalists tonight

Here’s all about the contestants appearing on new Mamma Mia! I Have A Dream TV show ahead of the final.

The show’s mission is to discover the next stars to portray the beloved characters of Sophie and Sky in the worldwide sensation that is musical Mamma Mia!.

Against the picturesque backdrop of the Greek islands, audiences will witness aspiring performers vying for these coveted roles. Guided and evaluated by guest industry experts through distinctive workshops, masterclasses, and show-stopping performances, the contestants will compete for their chance to shine as Sophie and Sky.

After eight weeks, the competition concludes with its live final tonight. Meet the finalists and results so far below…

Meet the Mamma Mia! I Have A Dream contestants

Esme Bowdler (Finalist)

Esme ©Thames/ITV

Age: 22
From: Chester
Instagram username: @esmebowdler

Esme says: “I don’t think I will ever have the words to describe quite what this experience means to me. I never believed I could be the type of person that this opportunity would happen to. After two years out in the industry and facing rejection after rejection I was almost starting to lose hope, and when the auditions for this came along, I almost didn’t apply. I will forever be grateful that I didn’t give up and I kept pushing on and believing that one day something would happen.”


Stevie Doc (Finalist)

Stevie ©Thames/ITV

Age: 22
From: Glasgow
Instagram username: @steviedoc_

Stevie says: “When I told my family I was moving to London, no one was surprised. I’ve always been quite ambitious, but this is something I could never have imagined. Wee Stevie singing and dancing around the house with her mum and sister would be crying right now.”


Owen Johnston (Finalist)

Owen ©Thames/ITV

Age: 25
From: Belfast
Instagram username: @owenjohnston3

Owen says: “The ten year old boy who was scared to tell his mates in his classroom that he’d seen MAMMA MIA! three times at the cinema would be beside himself! It means the world. For so many people who have backed me over the years, I owe it not only to myself but all of them as well. It would be an incredible feeling to win.”

Tobias Turley (Finalist)

Tobias ©Thames/ITV

Age: 22
From: Somerset
Instagram username: @tobias_turley

Tobias says: “It really does mean a lot. It’s quite a scary thing to get up and sing and act in front of people, to put yourself out there in front of a nation sat in front of their TV… but it means a lot to me to know that I got onto the show. It’s a nice reminder that I’m actually alright at doing what I’m doing. I’m excited for everyone to see the show, to see how amazing everyone is, to show what I can do.”


Stephanie (Sent home episode seven)

Stephanie ©Thames/ITV

Age: 22
From: St Albans
Instagram username: @_stephaniecosti

Stephanie says: “To see a musical set in Greece showing Greek traditions is so nostalgic to me and to make my family proud doing what I love with my heritage would just be incredible. I have worked so relentlessly throughout my life, training to get even get an audition for anything musical related, so to be considered for the role of Sophie in the West End is so ridiculous to me. I am eternally grateful for the creatives taking a chance on me.”


Craig Watson (Sent home episode seven)

Craig ©Thames/ITV

Age: 26
From: Perthshire
Instagram username: @craigwatson_uk

Craig says: “I’ve not done a West End gig and this is an amazing opportunity to learn, gain experience and improve. I am proud of the experience I’ve already gained but there is always more to learn and achieve.”


Desmonda Cathabel (Sent home episode six)

Desmonda ©Thames/ITV

Age: 27
From: Indonesia
Instagram username: @desmondacc

Desmonda says: “What I really want to show from my involvement, is that people can see that there is this Indonesian girl striving to be on the West End and as an Indonesian, we’ve not yet had that Indonesian West End musical theatre star. I just want to represent my people I guess and show another thing that we can strive towards. There’s a place for us in musical theatre.”

Marcellus Whyte (Sent home episode six)

Marcellus ©Thames/ITV

Age: 36
From: High Wycombe
Instagram username: @marcellus_whyte

Marcellus says: “Appearing on the show for me feels like a career highlight. It feels like such an achievement and I’m so excited to show that to the world.”


Leah Rutherford (Sent home episode five)

Leah ©Thames/ITV

Age: 20
From: Redcar
Instagram username: @leah_rutherford

Leah says: “Being on this show means the entire world to me! This industry is full of rejections from jobs, and this was my first audition and I very luckily got a yes. This show gives me hope and it makes me very grateful to be able to have worked with incredible people and to be a part of the wonderful MAMMA MIA! family. This is also very educational for me as it’s my first professional look into the industry.”


Zachkiel (Sent home episode five)

Zachkiel ©Thames/ITV

Age: 21
From: London
Instagram username: @zachkiel

Zachkiel says: “I don’t want to be cliché and say ‘everything’ but everything about the experience has been amazing to me. It’s surreal. I love it. There is nothing like it! It’s a completely new opportunity and has been amazing. The show is making me a better performer with the challenges, opportunities and working with the professionals.”


Callum (Sent home episode four)

Callum ©Thames/ITV

Age: 22
From: Oxfordshire
Instagram username: @callumravden

Callum says: “The makers of the show picked me to take part because they thought I had something. They knew I had little experience and yet they still decided that I was someone who they wanted on their show, and they saw my potential. Going on the show is this massive opportunity to learn as much as I can from all of these fantastic people like musical directors and choreographers. There is some pressure because I’ve got to showcase my skills and what I can do and when you know that people will be watching you on the TV at home.”

Maisie Waller (Sent home episode four)

Maisie ©Thames/ITV

Age: 22
From: Margate
Instagram username: @maisiewaller

Maisie says: “Opportunities like this don’t come around often for amateur dramatic performers like myself. As someone that’s had no formal training or contacts in the industry, it would be impossible for me to get an audition for anything professional, so I’m just so grateful to be given the opportunity.”


Darcy James (Sent home episode three)

Darcy ©Thames/ITV

Age: 23
From: Hampshire
Instagram username: @darcy.james

Darcy says: “For me it’s all about proving to my younger self that I was right when I questioned whether I was following the right pathway. I’m doing something out of my comfort zone and showing that anything is possible. It’s about defying the odds.”


Maddy Erzan (Sent home episode two)

Maddy ©Thames/ITV

Age: 20
From: Bolton
Instagram username: @maddyerzan

Maddy says: “Appearing on the show is just an incredible opportunity to have! It means the world to be able to learn from others and to simply enjoy being a part of it all.”


Mamma Mia! I Have a Dream concludes on Sunday at 6:30PM on ITV1, STV and ITVX.

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