Ranking all the songs from the new Mean Girls movie

Mean Girls movie musical cast

The new Mean Girls movie musical is finally here and with it comes a brand new soundtrack.

Adapted (in theory at least) from the Broadway musical, the new film is out this week in cinemas. It features Reneé Rapp as Regina, Angourie Rice as Cady, Auli’i Cravalho as Janis, Jaquel Spivey as Damian, Avantika as Karen and Bebe Wood as Gretchen.

Ahead of the film’s release it was revealed the movie had made significant changes from the stage show, cutting many songs and introducing a few new ones.

With the soundtrack now streaming, let’s dive in to our rankings…

1. World Burn

Who doesn’t love an iconic 11 o clock number? While the more poppy arrangement of the song in the movie leaves me wanting, Reneé Rapp delivers vocals and shows just why there was really no one else who could’ve taken on the role in this new film.

2. Someone Gets Hurt

Reneé Rapp can do no wrong.

3. I’d Rather Be Me

Auli’i Cravalho can SING!

4. Apex Predator

Now a duet between Janis and Damian, I think this is possibly one of the better revamped tracks from the musical.

5. Sexy

This is certainly fun to listen to on the album but Avantika’s performance makes it so much better to watch on screen.

6. A Cautionary Tale

Auliʻi Cravalho and Jaquel Spivey together are a highlight of both the soundtrack and the movie.

7. Revenge Party

This song offers up more powerful vocals from the duo but the song is let down by Angourie Rice’s lacklustre verse.

8. What’s Wrong With Me?

Fine if forgettable.

9. Meet The Plastics

Karen and Gretchen’s verses have been completely cut to leave a less than 90 second track that just leaves me unfulfilled.

10. I See Stars

I’ve always felt this was a lacklustre number in the stage show and unfortunately it’s one of the few things in the movie adaptation that remains mostly unchanged.

11. Stupid With Love

The arrangement here was definitely a choice and unfortunately Angourie Rice’s voice struggles to sell it.

12. What Ifs

Losing both It Roars and Where Do You Belong for… this?

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