New version of Othello with three Iagos to run at London’s Riverside Studios

A new production of Shakespeare’s Othello is to run at London’s Riverside Studios this October.

Trish Wadley Productions present a new version conceived by director Sinéad Rushe, which will feature Iago played collectively by three actors, from 6 – 28 October 2023, with previews from 4 October.

Martins Imhangbe will play the title role with Michael Fox, Orlando James and Jeremy Neumark Jones as Iagos

Rose Riley plays Desdemona, Rachel Leah-Hosker plays Emilia/Roderigo and Ryan O’Doherty plays Cassio/Brabantio.

Othello is at the peak of his success: in life, in war, and in love. Until he finds himself utterly betrayed by the person he has trusted most: ‘honest’ Iago.

In this re-imagining of Othello, Iago’s shape-shifting, corrosive force is portrayed as a contagion that infects Othello’s imagination and surrounds him from all sides. The squad of Iagos revels in different manoeuvres: switching between a public and private ‘face’, replacing each other as reinforcements, and swarming together as a collective, strategic think-tank.

Michael Fox will also compose music with set and costume design by Natalie Pryce, sound design Ali Taie and lighting design Alex Lewer.

Producer Trish Wadley said: “I am thrilled to be bringing this show to Riverside Studios, working with such an inspirational and talented group of creatives. This imaginative and fresh take on Othello conceived by director Sinéad Rushe will allow audiences to be fully immersed in the story, and to understand how Iago is able to penetrate Othello’s mind so deeply.

“Michael Fox’s original music which will be played live during the performance adds another dimension and I can’t wait to see this production to come to life.”

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