Sabrina Carpenter Could Star as Rapunzel in Live-action Tangled

Sabrina Carpenter playing Rapunzel
Sabrina Carpenter and Rapunzel. Credit: Phillip Mansfield (CC-BY-3.0)/Disney

Disney is reportedly gearing up to give us another dose of live-action magic, and this time it’s Rapunzel’s turn.

After enchanting audiences with The Little Mermaid and teasing us with Snow White, the 2010 animated hit Tangled is rumoured to be next in line for a live-action transformation.

And as for who could be starring in the lead role, Sabrina Carpenter is rumored to be in the frame.

The Espresso hitmaker has already got the backing of original Rapunzel Mandy Moore.

“I could see her with 50 feet of hair or something,” Moore says. “She looks like a Disney princess in real life,” Moore said in an interview.

And she’s also eyeing up her own role in the feature, suggesting: “Maybe I could be Rapunzel’s mom.

“Let’s have a real mother-daughter duet, and have someone write an original song so we can talk about our differences and how hard it is to be a young person in this world.”

Tangled, a delightful reimagining of the classic Rapunzel tale, also originally featured the voices of Zachary Levi, and Donna Murphy, with unforgettable songs crafted by the legendary Alan Menken and lyricist Glenn Slater.

Disney has yet to make an official announcement, so we’ll have to sit tight and see what happens.

In other exciting news, Tangled composer Alan Menken recently teased a possible full stage adaptation of the beloved film.

While discussing bringing the story to Broadway – where it has already enjoyed success on Disney’s Cruise Line with new songs – Menken revealed: “We’re already talking about it for the stage.”

Tangled, known for its enchanting visuals and heartwarming storytelling, follows the spirited Rapunzel as she embarks on an adventure beyond her tower, teaming up with the charming rogue Flynn Rider. Along the way, Rapunzel discovers the world outside and learns about her true identity.

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