West End star speaks out after being grabbed at stage door

Melanie La Barrie in Hadestown
Melanie La Barrie in Hadestown. Credit: Marc Brenner

West End favourite Melanie La Barrie has decided to pause her post-show interactions at the stage door following an unsettling incident.

Currently starring in Hadestown, Melanie took to X/Twitter to share her experience and set some clear boundaries with her fans.

She tweeted: “After asking people not to grab me, I was grabbed again at stage door tonight to be asked to take a picture after I said I wasn’t taking pics in the rain. So I won’t be doing any stage door again for a while. Sorry folk.”

She added, “I understand that the behaviour is out of enthusiasm, not malice. You know the love I have for theatre fans. I always try to stop and sign but can’t always stop for pics. I’m fine, but I’m setting firm boundaries for the moment. Love you all.”

This isn’t the first time Melanie has had to address overeager fans.

Just last week, she expressed her discomfort on Instagram about being pursued beyond the stage door: “This has happened a few times now. Please. Please. If I’ve walked away from stage door and I’ve put my headphones on, please do not run after me and grab me from behind.

“It is a scary thing and makes anxiety and adrenaline run through my body which then takes a long time to leave. Please. I beg you. Thank you.”

Melanie’s recent tweets highlight a recurring issue faced by performers: maintaining personal boundaries while engaging with their audience.

Joe Locke recently spoke out about problems at the stage door after being branded “rude” for failing to take pictures and sign autographs after a performance.

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