Tomorrow Morning musical movie release date and trailer with Samantha Barks and Ramin Karimloo

Tomorrow Morning film release date and full cast

Samantha Barks and Ramin Karimloo star in a movie adaptation of Off-Broadway musical Tomorrow Morning – here’s all you need to know!

With music & lyrics by British composer Laurence Mark Wythe, who will write new songs for the film, Tomorrow Morning first premiered in London in 2006 before productions in Chicago in 2008, Melbourne in 2010 and Off-Broadway in New York in 2011.

Nick Winston will direct the big screen version with Samantha Barks and Ramin Karimloo joined on the cast by Joan Collins, Omid Djalili, Henry Goodman, Harriet Thorpe, Anita Dobson and Fleur East.

The film will be released in cinemas across the UK on 6 September 2022.

Tomorrow Morning tells the story of two couples: Twenty-somethings John and Kat who are preparing to marry thirty-somethings Jack and Catherine who are preparing to divorce.

The two pairs are in fact the same couple at two points of their relationship a decade apart.

The clock ticks down to two monumental days in the life of Bill and Catherine. Two perspectives of one story collide across time, seen in parallel yet ten years apart: on the eve of their wedding, as they embark on life together while coping with a life-changing event, and after a decade of marriage as they wrestle with the impact of their divorce on life with their young son.

You can watch a first trailer below…

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