Watch a performance of Back to the Future musical cut song

A new music video featuring a cut song from Back To The Future The Musical has been released.

In celebration of the Deluxe Edition release of Back to the Future The Musical‘s Original Cast Recording, fans can now see a video performance of the previously unreleased track, Time Travel Is A Dangerous Thing. The performance was specially recorded on Back to the Future Day, Saturday, 21 October 2023.

The current West End cast of Back to the Future The Musical includes Sarah Goggin playing ‘Lorraine Baines’, Jay Perry as ‘Goldie Wilson’, Jordan Pearson portraying ‘Biff Tannen’, and Lee Ormsby stepping into the shoes of ‘Strickland’. Rhodri Watkins, Patricia Wilkins, Elliott Evans, and Stephen Leask round out the team, taking on roles as Dave McFly, Linda McFly, Alternate Marty McFly, and Alternate Doctor Emmett Brown, respectively.

They join the star-studded roster comprising Cory English as Doctor Emmett Brown, Ben Joyce as Marty McFly, Oliver Nicholas as George McFly, and Sophie Naglik as Jennifer Parker.

Inspired by the iconic Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment film, Back to the Future The Musical boasts a script penned by Bob Gale. The musical offering consists of 16 original tracks crafted by the multi-award-winning duo of Alan Silvestri, an Emmy and Grammy Award winner, and six-time Grammy Award recipient Glen Ballard. Fans of the original film can also look forward to classics such as The Power of Love and Johnny B. Goode.

The musical’s renditions in London and Manchester have garnered immense popularity, drawing an audience exceeding 1.2 million. Moreover, its run at the Adelphi Theatre has seen it smash box office records, cementing its place as a must-watch theatrical experience.

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