Watch Ariana DeBose sing ‘This Wish’ from Disney’s Wish

Ariana DeBose has showcased a song from new Disney animated movie Wish.

The Disney cinematic universe is gearing up for a major milestone with its latest animated musical. The voices of renowned stars Ariana DeBose and Chris Pine will grace this film, which celebrates a century of Disney Animation.

For those in the UK, the movie is released 24 November 2023. For US audiences, the date to remember is 22 November.

To mark the film’s premiere, Ariana DeBose performed the song This Wish in a special appearance at Disneyland Paris.

The narrative takes viewers to Rosas, a mythical realm situated near the Iberian Peninsula. The film’s protagonist, Asha, portrayed by Ariana DeBose, is an astute dreamer. Her wish is so potent that the universe responds with a lively entity named Star.

Together, Asha and Star challenge Rosas’ sovereign, King Magnifico, aiming to save their community. The duo illustrates that when human determination meets celestial magic, miraculous events ensue.

The role of 17-year-old Asha is voiced by Ariana DeBose, renowned for her roles in Hamilton and West Side Story. Chris Pine voices the dominant King Magnifico. Asha’s goat companion, Valentino, has Alan Tudyk’s voice.

The movie’s soundtrack boasts original compositions by Julia Michaels, Benjamin Rice, and JP Saxe. Dave Metzger provides the film score.

The direction baton is held by Chris Buck, known for Frozen, and Fawn Veerasunthorn, marking her directorial debut. The screenplay springs from the minds of Jennifer Lee (Frozen) and Allison Moore.

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