Watch Mamma Mia! I Have A Dream! stars sing ‘Voulez-Vous’

Here’s a first look at the next musical opening of Mamma Mia! I Have A Dream! on Sunday night.

After last week’s double exit, the remaining contenders kick off this weekend’s episode with a performance of ABBA’s iconic Voulez-Vous.

This week is Choreography week as judges Alan Carr, Jessie Ware, Samantha Barks and Amber Riley give the remaining ten West End hopefuls five different dance routines to learn and perform for an audience in just 24 hours’ time.

Watch a first teaser below…

Set amidst Greece’s mesmerizing landscapes, the backdrop for Mamma Mia!, this musical talent show features 14 outstanding musical theatre aspirants battling it out to secure the principal roles of Sophie and Sky in the West End’s Mamma Mia!

Zoe Ball brings her dynamic hosting skills to the show, where every week, the contestants, embodying Sophies and Skys, face rigorous evaluations by a panel of renowned judges – Alan Carr, Jessie Ware, Samantha Barks, and Amber Riley. Their abilities in singing, dancing, acting, and maintaining chemistry will be thoroughly assessed.

Judy Craymer, the visionary creator and global producer of Mamma Mia!, joins to provide her seasoned guidance to the judges, who face the challenging task of identifying the next big names for the West End.

As the weeks progress, the competition intensifies, leading to a spectacular live finale in London’s West End, where two exceptional talents will ultimately triumph.

Mamma Mia! I Have a Dream continues on Sunday at 18:30 on ITV1 and ITVX.

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