10 Things You Might Have Missed In The Wicked Trailer

Elphaba and Glinda in the Wicked movie

Fellow Ozians, let us rejoicify! The long-awaited movie adaptation of the beloved musical is finally on the horizon, and the trailer alone is a treasure trove of nods, winks, and magical moments that connect the new with the nostalgic.

From hidden references that hark back to L. Frank Baum’s original creation to cleverly woven Shakespearean quotes, the Wicked movie trailer is packed with Easter eggs that are as enchanting as they are thoughtful.

How many did you spot?

A timely tribute

The purposeful choice to release the trailer on 15 May, coinciding with L. Frank Baum’s birthday, serves as a thoughtful nod to the original creator of The Wizard of Oz.


Ominous accessories

Spot the witch’s hat resting in a puddle at the beginning of the trailer, an ominous hint to Elphaba’s watery demise in the original tale.

Witch's hat


Apply to Shiz

The trailer contains a hidden link to a newly launched website for Shiz University, where you’ll find a special video from Michelle Yeoh as Madame Morrible.


Baby Elphaba’s debut

A younger version of Elphaba is shown briefly, played by Karis Musongole. This addition to the film promises more backstory and follows Wicked novelist George Maguire planning a new book exploring Elphaba’s early life.

Baby Elphaba


Theatrical threads

At 55 seconds, there’s a quick glimpse of Glinda’s shoe stand, directly mirroring the stage production’s prop. This attention to detail in the set design is a subtle but delightful nod for fans familiar with the Broadway show.

Popular scene


Colorful controversies

However, there are many departures from the Broadway version. Glinda is seen in pink dresses throughout the film, making a departure from the stage’s blue bubble dress and yellow outfit to align with the 1939 film’s iconic look.


Goat professor cameo

Peter Dinklage voices Doctor Dillamond, the beloved goat professor from Shiz University, in the Wicked movie. Unlike the stage version’s prosthetics, the film uses CGI to bring Doctor Dillamond to life.

Doctor Dillamond


Stuporous poppies

A nod to the original Wizard of Oz film, the appearance of soporific poppies at 1:02 in the trailer connects the new movie to its cinematic predecessor. Also, the inclusion of the hot air balloon in the escape scene subtly connects to the original Wizard of Oz story, where a similar balloon is used by Dorothy.

Poppies scene


The mysterious Boq

While most of the cast (including Doctor Dillamond), feature in the trailer, Boq is notably absent. However Ethan Slater’s character can be briefly spotted at 1:43 with Nessarose and then again at 2:02 just behind Glinda.

Boq in the Wicked trailer


Shakespeare in Oz

Ariana Grande as Glinda opens the trailer with a line from “No One Mourns the Wicked,” which cleverly references Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

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