Amanda Whittington’s The Invincibles to make world premiere at Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch

Amanda Whittington’s new work The Invincibles is to make its world premiere at the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch.

Telling the untold story of the greatest women’s football team of World War One, The Invincibles will run at Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch from 7 – 23 September before heading to New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich from 26 – 30 September.

At the heart of this captivating tale lies the little-known saga of the Dagenham Invincibles, a moniker befitting the awe-inspiring accomplishments of the greatest women’s football team during the tumultuous period of World War One. Over the course of two enthralling seasons, the Sterling Ladies etch their legacy into the annals of sport, leaving an indelible mark by never succumbing to defeat and earning the revered title of ‘The Unbeaten Women Champions of the Country.’ Yet, as the war-torn era draws to a close in 1919, circumstances dictate that the resilient factory girls must hang up their cherished boots, and their triumphant feats sadly fade into the recesses of history.

Fast forward to the year 2023, and the thunderous echoes of the Sterling Ladies’ battle cry resound through time, finding a new resonance in the resounding cheers for the modern-day Lionesses. Amidst this electrifying backdrop, a young and spirited Hornchurch resident named Maya eagerly awaits the pinnacle event of the summer – England’s pursuit of victory on the football field. From the cozy embrace of her family’s living room, Maya’s fervent support for the Lionesses evokes dormant footballing secrets and conjures the intrepid spirit of The Invincibles , bridging the temporal gap between two eras united by a shared love for the beautiful game.

Writer Amanda Whittington said: “I’m delighted to be back at Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch for this unique production. The Invincibles celebrates a century of change and with women’s football on the world stage, it’s beyond exciting to bring the untold history of local pioneers Sterling Ladies to life.

“It’s also thrilling – and a little scary – to write the 2023 scenes as the World Cup plays out. Win or lose though, I’ve no doubt the Lionesses will give us plenty of drama!”

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