Cast announced for Kath Haling’s debut play The Least We Can Do at the Hope Theatre

Casting has been announced for Kath Haling’s debut play The Least We Can Do at the Hope Theatre.

Katharine Farmer directs the thought provoking and provocative drama exploring the dark side of fame and the sometimes-fatal consequences of our collective actions.

The production runs 10 – 28 October 2023 featuring Melissa Saint (C4’s I Hate You & BBC Ghosts), Olivia Lindsay (No Love, Vaults Festival), as Levi, as Charlie and Dan Wolff (0.43%, Kiln Theatre) as Kieran.

If we were aware that our words could irreversibly dismantle someone’s life, would we not be more cautious? Would we opt for compassion instead of cruelty?

Kath Haling’s drama shines a spotlight on society’s incessant appetite for clickbait narratives, as lives unravel under the brutal and unforgiving gaze of the public eye in a play that unpicks the profound responsibility we all bear in shaping the lives of others.

Writer Kath Haling said: “I read an article in Grazia by Polly Vernon just after the tragic passing of Caroline Flack and I was so confronted and moved by it that I knew I needed to write it into a play. The article addressed how poorly we had all behaved and that being kind really is the least we could do.

“It’s simple to be kind but we quite often forget that. I knew I wanted to write a piece that addressed how toxic we can be towards people in the public eye. Sadly, since that event I have seen this same kind of witch hunt occur over and over again.”

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