Gen Z and Millennials Say Broadway Has a Pricing Problem

Hamilton on Broadway

A groundbreaking study has unveiled significant insights into why millennials and Gen Z might be staying away from Broadway, despite a high level of interest.

The report from producing group No Guarantees, which surveyed 1,012 people from both generational groups, found that 67% of respondents are “Broadway curious” but feel put off by prices and are uninformed about current show offerings.

A striking 36% of those surveyed could only name Hamilton as a Broadway show, and less than half were aware of long-standing hits like Wicked and Moulin Rouge!. Moreover, 84% underestimated the number of shows running on Broadway, assuming there were 20 or fewer, far below the actual number.

The survey highlighted several potential strategies to increase Broadway’s appeal to younger demographics.

Reducing ticket prices was the most popular solution, supported by 43% of respondents. In 2023, ticket prices for some Broadway shows reached highs of $649.

That said, a full 90% of Gen Zs and Millennials who have been to a Broadway show say it was worth the price.

Other suggestions included flash sales, introduction of Broadway memberships, and broader marketing efforts under the sentiment “Just advertise! I never hear about Broadway shows.”

Interestingly, while young audiences are keen on seeing more promotions online, they cherish the idea of live theatre as an escape from digital saturation.

A strong majority, 85%, expressed a desire for theatres to remain phone-free zones, viewing live events as a chance to “unplug and tune into IRL.” Additionally, 83% appreciated the social aspect of attending live performances.

The respondents also showed a preference for interactive theatre experiences over merely immersive ones, expressing interest in post-show Q&As and opportunities for social interaction related to the performances.

About the author: Rachel Wise

UK based freelancer journalist Rachel contributes regularly to Stageberry with features and interviews from the hottest new shows and stage stars.


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