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Hamilton deleted songs: Listen to cut songs from the hit musical

Here’s a listen to some of the deleted songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical Hamilton.


With over 50 musical numbers, Hamilton is already truly non-stop from start to finish but not every song made it into the final show.

A number of deleted, cut or amended songs have been made available to listen online…


This short song originally appeared in act two and was performed by Angelica Schuyler. Part of the song was later incorporated into The Reynolds Pamphlet.


The Adams Administration rap

This rap, performed by Alexander Hamilton, was completely cut out of the song that made it to Broadway – save for the last line.


Let It Go

This cut song appeared in act two and saw Eliza encouraging Alexander to rise above his critics. Miranda joked previously the success of the Frozen song of the same name was the reason he cut the track: “I had a song in Hamilton called ‘Let It Go,’ and then these guys wrote another song called ‘Let It Go’ and I was like ‘Oh…I have to let that go'”


One Last Ride

This cut song later became the similarly titled One Last Time in the final musical on Broadway.


Ten Things One Thing

This cut song came at the very end of Act Two as Hamilton and Burr prepared to Duel. Most of Burr’s lines can be found in the musical’s now penultimate number, The World Was Wide Enough.


Valley Forge

This song is found on The Hamilton Mixtape. Written and sung by Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hamilton, it was later replaced by Stay Alive in the musical.

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