Idina Menzel spills all about Enchanted sequel Disenchanted: ‘They gave me songs!’

Idina Menzel has spilled all on the upcoming Enchanted sequel.

Over a decade on from the original movie musical’s 2007 release, Enchanted 2 – titled Disenchanted – is coming to Disney+.

Set 15 years after the original, the new movie will see Amy Adams reprise her role as Giselle with Idina Menzel back as Nancy Tremaine, Patrick Dempsey as Robert Philip and James Marsden as Prince Edward.

Teasing what to expect from the sequel, Menzel shared with “Nancy and Edward are sort of called upon.

“Something happens in [the] real world and Nancy and Edward have to come back through the portal and bring some magic from Andalasia and kind of help save the day.”

She added: “There’s a lot of surprises. There’s a lot of great little Disney Easter eggs in it for people to kind of pick out and discover.”

Meanwhile Menzel told People that the sequel would see her character get her own songs.

The Frozen and Wicked star shared: “They gave me songs. They gave me music to sing, which I didn’t have in the first one, which was fine actually, everyone else made a big deal about it…

“There’s so much music, and Amy [Adams] singing her butt off, and it’s just Patrick [Dempsey] singing and tap dancing. It’s really glorious and joyful and people are going to love it.”

In a short synopsis previously released by Disney, Disenchanted was revealed to follow Giselle and husband Robert after moving to the suburb of Monroeville with their now teenage daughter Morgan and follows the family as they discover what happily ever after truly means.

New casting includes Maya Rudolph as Malvina, Giselle’s adversary in Monroeville; Kolton Stewart as Malvina’s son, Yvette Nicole Brown as Rosalyn, Jayma Mays as Ruby, Oscar Nunez as Edgar and Gabriella Baldacchino as Morgan.

Due for release on Disney’s streaming service in Disney+ in 2022, the sequel will feature new songs from Stephen Schwartz and Alan Menken who wrote the original film’s Oscar-nominated soundtrack.

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