Jonathan Groff’s spit has become the surprise star of Hamilton on Disney+

Disney+ has brought us Hamilton in glorious close up quality – and that’s led to a lot of talk about Jonathan Groff.

Jonathan Groff’s appearance as King George has got everyone talking for one reason in particular.

The spit on display during Groff’s performance of ‘You’ll Be Back’ has prompted quite the reaction online.

“Was the close up of Jonathan Groff spitting everywhere REALLY necessary,” one posted to Twitter as Hamilton went online.

Another wrote: “Can I just say they did my man Jonathan Groff so dirty when they kept zooming into King George literally spitting through “You’ll Be Back” that’s commitment right there #Hamilton”

And a third added: “Imagine being front row at hamilton and having the privilege of jonathan groff spitting on you.”

Even Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda had something to say, tweeting: “King George’s spit drool is truly transgressive in 2020, mercy me #Hamilton”

Speaking to Variety in 2019, Groff said he was well aware of his spitting habit.

He said: “I spit a lot onstage. I’ve always been a spitter … I start sweating. I just get wet when I perform onstage. It is just what happens.”

Recalling his recent role in the Off-Broadway revival of Little Shop of Horrors, Groff continued: “For the first couple weeks of the run I felt bad, because I’d walk down to the end of the stage in the second song of the show, ‘Skid Row,’ and I can’t help it, I’m just, like, spitting on everyone. And they’re either enjoying it, or they’re laughing, or they’re holding up their programs to block their face.

“I don’t care anymore, but it made me feel self-conscious at first. I’d never been so close to the audience where I was actually seeing the reaction on people’s face while I spat on them!”

Hamilton is streaming now on Disney+.

About the author: Rachel Wise

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