New musical Smart Casual to run at The Cockpit Theatre

New musical Smart Casual is to run at The Cockpit Theatre this month.

The piece, written by Sam Woof and produced by GOYA Theatre Company, will run at The Cockpit Theatre on 20 – 21 August. Tickets are available online here.

Created by GOYA in collaboration with The North Wall Arts Centre, Smart Casual previously premiered in July at North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford, before transferring to Above The Stag earlier this month.

Told over 18 months, Smart Casual follows six inseparable friends as they leave University, fall in love and fall apart. Accompanied by a sharp musical score, a comic script and a narrative that explores sex, class, and loneliness, Smart Casual is a story about trying to figure out life and in all its complexities.

It’s about the gap between what we feel and what we say. Taking place in a single apartment, meeting the cast at three distinctive moments in their life, the show takes audiences on a journey with a group of friends that believe they are a family. But how far can this group be sustained? And will anything break them apart more than simply growing up?

Six humorously identifiable characters bring this show together: Mel, the heart of the group; Jordan, arrogant upon first impression but really he’s just looking to belong; Ben who keeps things casual and owns eight identical black hoodies; Lily, headstrong and successful – the epitome of ‘Head Girl’ energy; Willow, the one who wants to see the world and believes in yoga; and Marc, quick-witted and theatrical with a mean edge.

Bordering between romantic comedy and tragedy, this intimate ensemble piece appeals to audiences both young and old, by offering a heartfelt, honest, yet comical depiction of modern life, highlighting in particular the loneliness of generation Z.

The cast features William Foxton (Marc), Darcy Dixon (Mel), Grace de Souza (Willow), Henry Waddon (Ben), Ellie Cooper (Lily) and Jamie Murphy (Jordan)

You can watch a first look at the show in rehearsals below…

Writer and director Sam Woof is joined on the creative team by musical director Livi van Warmelo, assistant director Imogen Albert, assistant musical director Caitlin Frank, production manager Harvey Dovell, stage manager Nicola Wright, set designer Joe Emmens, costume designer Natasha Squire, sound designer Andrew Orr and lighting designer Sam Morley.

The producers are Mrinmoyee Roy and Lowri Spear with the team completed by marketing manager Natasha Mallett, marketing assistant Ava Vakil, graphic designer Phillip Olney & Avery Mitchell and photographer Bartek Grzesnikowski.

About the author: Josh Darvill

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