Ockham’s Razor brings fresh take on Tess of the D’Urbervilles to the West End and on tour

Ockham’s Razor is set to bring a fresh take on Hardy’s timeless novel, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, to the West End.

The performance will light up the stage at Sadler’s Wells’ Peacock Theatre from 31 January – 3 February 2024.

This adaptation of Hardy’s masterpiece remains compelling for today’s audience, diving deep into themes of privilege, class dynamics, consent, autonomy, female aspirations, and the essence of sisterhood.

Tess uniquely blends the original narrative with the expressive realm of circus arts, offering a feminist perspective to the enduring tale of power, sacrifice, and resilience. This marks a significant venture for Ockham’s Razor as they venture into adapting a novel for the first time, skilfully melding Hardy’s poetic brilliance and the story’s profound philosophical layers with their trademark physical storytelling.

The show boasts a diverse ensemble of seven circus artists, comprising five women and two men – Macadie Amoroso, Joshua Frazer, Lauren Jamieson, Lila Naruse, Victoria Skillen, Leah Wallings and Nat Whittingham.

They seamlessly integrate acrobatics, aerial feats, dance, and physical theatre to convey the narrative. Ockham’s Razor’s iconic and minimalistic design serves to recreate the laborious world depicted in the novel.

Following its run in London, the show will tour throughout 2024.

For more information and tour dates, visit www.ockhamsrazor.co.uk

About the author: Josh Darvill

Josh is Stageberry's editor with over five years of experience writing about theatre in the West End and across the UK. Prior to following his passion for musicals, he worked for more than a decade as a TV journalist.


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