Park Theatre announces 2024 season led by celeb-filled Whodunnit and first two-part drama

Park Theatre has announced its 2024 season led by the third episode of its wildly successful Whodunnit [Unrehearsed] series.

Whodunnit [Unrehearsed] 3, running from 27 March to 4 May, features over 45 celebrities stepping into the Inspector’s shoes, sans rehearsal, relying solely on earpiece directives for their lines.

The murder mystery set on a train promises a riotous time with the return of icons like Clive Anderson, Gillian Anderson, David Mitchell and Emma Thompson, alongside fresh faces including Benedict Cumberbatch and Jodie Whittaker. The fundraising event will feature the legendary voice of Ian McKellen and is aimed at countering the rising operational costs of live theatre.

Autumn 2024 will witness The Forsyte Saga, Park Theatre’s inaugural two-part drama, taking the audience from Victorian endings to the roaring 1920s. Adapted by Shaun McKenna and Lin Coghlan, it’s an opulent tale of passion, wealth, and betrayal, showcased across alternating nights.

Earlier in the year, the theatre will also present shows like the queer romantic comedy, Cowboys and Lesbians and Hir, a riveting exploration of a household in upheaval post-war. Also on the roster is the captivating drama, Hide and Seek, which delves into bullying, homophobia, and the haunting influence of social media.

The summer season is set to enthral with A Song of Songs in Park200, an award-winning musical production resulting from an unparalleled international collaboration. Meanwhile, Park90 will host the world premiere of Ostan, highlighting the challenges of the UK immigration system and the darker underbelly of human trafficking.

In June, the spotlight turns to The Marilyn Conspiracy, a meticulously crafted thriller surrounding the enigmatic hours following Marilyn Monroe’s demise. Concluding the lineup before the grand autumn production of The Forsyte Saga is 23.5 Hours, a poignant narrative of love and betrayal against a backdrop of grave accusations.

Artistic Director of Park Theatre Jez Bond said: “We’re delighted to be bringing the third instalment of Whodunnit [Unrehearsed] to Park Theatre, and so grateful to the astonishing slate of guest performers who are once again donating their time to us.

“As a venue that receives no regular public subsidy, their ongoing support to fundraisers such as this are vital to keep the venue open as costs climb, and ensure we can keep supporting emerging artists with programmes such as Make Mine a Double, which returns in April, as well as the community outreach we do and our continuing efforts to make performances accessible for all.

“We are also thrilled to be announcing our first two-part drama series in The Forsyte Saga, and our Spring shows, Hir, Cowboys and Lesbians and Hide and Seek which come to us as a new revival, from Edinburgh Fringe and from VAULT Festival.”

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About the author: Josh Darvill

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