The Undead Valley musical casting call everyone is talking about

A casting call for performers to appear in a new ‘Undead Valley musical’ is stirring up attention for all the wrong reasons.

A now-deleted call-out was posted to audition boards, looking for a leading lady and minor parts in a new musical from a company identified as Undead Valley Inc.

The musical claimed to have already cast Broadway stars Aaron Lazar and Norm Lewis, and was looking for an actress to join them.

The Undead Valley musical casting call

An extract read: “We have Auditioned over 1500 singer/actresses for our leading lady. We have auditioned unknowns, huge Broadway stars and even movie/pop stars and not found the perfect girl who can find the place within her to open and sing from her heart and soul and hit low alto notes and high soprano notes and make the producers cry.”

Offering a salary of up to $1,500 a day, it added: “Alicia, the leading lady can come from anywhere on earth and travel will be paid if we find her on Earth. It’s been a journey.”

The casting call for the musical went on to set out a number of “rules” for those looking to audition.

It explained: “We are not going to respond to everyone. The casting dept is not going to respond to anyone who even remotely sounds like they are auditioning us. We’re just going to delete your entry. You can “audition us”, read the script, listen to score if you won a Tony, or ask us about the project.”

And the post went on: “If you are auditioning for the lead, I highly recommend you sing the song Never Enough from Greatest Showman. If you can’t sing that song and blow people away, you won’t get this part. However if you are not able to prepare that in time, maybe your traveling for holidays and not in your home studio, then make sure when you submit your reel you are singing a song with at least a High D Belt prefarbly [sic] an E flat or F and let us know the time stamp. We are hoping to look at 10,000 unknown singers and we will not kill our budget in auditions.”

What’s the musical actually about?

The notice didn’t provide any plot details from the musical. However, a password-protected website at teases a show with the tagline “The Walking Dead Meets West Side Story”. It’s not confirmed if the website is connected to the casting call.

Finally, the organisers claimed to be in the process of raising $150 million to stage the show. This would make it the most expensive Broadway production in history by some margin.

The shared casting call from the musical concluded: “If you are not professional and make commitments you cannot keep, it will not be good for your career. If you get this part, you will become the biggest star in the world.”

The posting trended across theatre communities online and got quite the reaction.

“I want the new musical plot to be WHAT I JUST READ,” one user posted on Instagram.

While another added: “This is horrendous and glorious all at once!”

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