Watch 70 West End stars perform an epic cover of Les Misérables’ Do You Hear The People Sing

70 West End stars have come together in isolation for an epic performance.

An all star line up have collaborated on a cover of Les Misérables’ Do You Hear The People Sing, reminding us that even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

Created by the team of West End Sings, the video has been released to raise money for Acting For Others and NHS Charities Together.

You can make a donation online here or here and join in on social media with #HearTheWestEndSing and @westendsingsuk

Watch the video below, introduced by Christopher Biggins and featuring the voice of Lesley Joseph…

See the full line up of West End stars who feature in the video below (in alphabetical order):

Andrew Abrahamson
Isabelle Adams
Shan Ako
Elizah Appiah
Joel Ashton-Fogle
Ross Berkeley Simpson
Hannah Blake
Norman Bowman
Jenna Boyd
Karen Broughton
William Byrne
Rebecca Caine
Richard Carson
Rodney Earl Clarke
Philip Cox
Beth Davies
Stephen John Davies
Steph de Whalley
Hadrian Delacey
Sarah Alice Douglas
Harry Dunnett
Jack Edwards
Jenny Fitzpatrick
Adeen Fogle
Lucy Forrest
Kelly Francise
Chris Grahamson
Katy Hanna
Jessie Hart
Dayle Hodge
Tim Howar
Kim Ismay
Lily Kerhoas
Kara Lane
Sarah Lark
Britt Lenting
Lauren Lockley
Craig Mather
Luke McCall
Jean McGlynn
Leo Miles
Renee Montemayor
Claire Moore
Jacinta Mulcaghy
Nicole Nyqvist
Sarah O’Connor
Claire O’Leary
Kathy Peacock
Vince Pirillo
Jon Robyns
Melissa Rose
Tasha Sheridan
Bree Smith
Alistair So
Liv Spencer
Michaela Stern
Lucie-Mae Sumner
Manon Taris
Hollie Taylor
Emma Jay Thomas
Alonso Casado Trigo
Jocelyn Vodovoz Schmidt
Lauren Ward
Emma Warren
Hattie Wheeler
Paul Whittaker OBE
Sake Wijers
Mared Williams
James Winter
Richard Woodford
Samuel Wyn-Morris

About the author: Josh Darvill

Josh is Stageberry's editor with over five years of experience writing about theatre in the West End and across the UK. Prior to following his passion for musicals, he worked for more than a decade as a TV journalist.


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