Watch stars of Wicked celebrate the musical’s 20th anniversary

Stars past and present of Wicked have helped celebrate the hit musical’s 20th anniversary.

Performers who have starred in productions on Broadway, in the West End and on tour have got together for a pair of special round table interviews.

The Golden Glamour of Glinda

First, journey through the dazzling world of Oz and sit down with the beloved stars who brought Glinda to life! Watch Amanda Jane Cooper, McKenzie Kurtz, Kara Lindsay and Alli Mauzey share their sparkling tales of pink gowns, tiaras, and that signature bubbly charm.

Witness their behind-the-scenes stories, favourite moments, and the legacy of the Good Witch in this glittering tribute to two decades of enchantment.

Elphaba Unmasked: The Power Behind the Green

Emerald City has witnessed many faces, but none as iconic and impassioned as Elphaba.

In this riveting feature, meet the legends: Jackie Burns, Jennifer DiNoia, Alyssa Fox and Mary Kate Morrisey. Each has donned the green, sung the defiant notes, and flown high against the gravity of expectations. Discover the challenges, triumphs, and the essence of what it truly means to be the Wicked Witch of the West.

Before Dorothy’s fateful landing…

Wicked, the mesmerizing Broadway hit, unveils the untold stories of Oz from a fresh perspective. Before the tornado brings Dorothy, another remarkable girl emerges with a unique emerald hue to her skin—intelligent, passionate, often misconceived, and gifted with a rare ability. Her world changes when she encounters a vivacious blonde, renowned for her popularity. What starts as a clash transforms into an unexpected bond… until labels of “good” and “wicked” challenge their destiny.

Wicked continues to play on Broadway and in the West End with a new UK tour launching in December.

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