Watch The Mad Ones Musical come to life in amazing animatic videos

Off-Broadway musical The Mad Ones has been brought to life online with a series of animatic videos.

Talented YouTuber Miranda Pla recently released an amazing animatic of ‘Go Tonight’ which has been watched more than 250,000 times to date.

It led to the show’s team reaching out to her to continue the series with ‘Run Away With Me’ which she has released today. You can watch both videos below.

The animatics are set to the musical’s cast recording featuring Krystina Alabado, Emma Hunton, Ben Frankhauser and Katie Thompson.

The Mad Ones features a book, music and lyrics by Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk.

It tells the story of 18-year-old Samantha Brown as she relives her senior year, coming to terms with the death of her best friend in a car crash while coping with her well-intentioned helicopter mother Bev and her high school sweetheart of a boyfriend Adam.

Kait Kerrigan said of the ‘Run Away With Me’ animatic: “This animatic captures, not just the unbridled determination of Adam, but also the ambivalence that Sam feels as she listens to him and gets swept up in his vision.

“It reminds you that the reason that listening to this song as an audience member is satisfying is because it puts you in the role of Sam, and the tension in the song is so dependent on that relationship and her lack of response.

“He keeps singing and keeps trying to top himself to win her over. But the complexity of feelings in her heart, so beautifully rendered in this animatic, don’t allow her to give him the simple ‘yes’ he craves.”

Speaking about the song, Kerrigan added: “‘Run Away With Me’ was one of the first songs we wrote for The Mad Ones and long before the show ever saw the stage, it became an anchor and high watermark for us as songwriters.

“It’s one of those songs that is always exciting to watch a new performer discover because it’s such a bundle of vulnerability, enthusiasm, and nerves. It creates so much space for an actor’s personality to shine through.”

Added Lowdermilk: “For me, ‘Run Away With Me’ is a song about yearning. The character would give anything to ‘save’ our girl – to rescue her and take her away. The groove and motion of it are meant to be relentless, constantly pulling her – and us – forward, eager to believe that an escape from trauma and into a new life can really be as simple as throwing someone a key.”

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